Mr. Morton was...

I've been knitting. And cleaning. And school-supply shopping. Basically I've been busy. I tried to take some stash photographs today. Outside on the back bricks. It seemed like lovely light. I was wrong. The reds looked orange and the purples looked blue or brown. And I am not so savvy with the camera that I can fix really bad pictures like that. But these pictures, inside on my diningroom table in the morning sun, look nice, no?


This is a project that I've had in my sketch book for a bit, but then a call came out for a wood-themed project for a non-profit. A very interesting non-profit called the Nude Ewe (it's yarn you goobers!) based in the UK. The coordinator gave me a gauge, which perfectly matched my Lamb's Pride Worsted. I was just gonna do a swatch, but then I started knitting and couldn't stop.


I do so love having a hat form. It makes things so much easier. Easier to tell when things look right. It needs a name. And while I love the Lord of the Rings as much as the next person (and own all three extended dvds) I don't think I want an LOTR name. I'm not that geek. I'm other sorts of geek, but not that sort. So she needs a name. I'm thinking it looks like a crown for a woodland elf or sprite. But say sprite, and I think soda. Any suggestions?