My pretties!

It's been a busy week. Back to school, big dude's birthday, and this weekend we had lots of plans. I spent an absolutely lovely day yesterday at Hanks yarnstore in Gainesville. Five of us trekked on out there and had a good ole time. Sugarbee is now selling her batts there, which is just this side of awesome. And I finally got to meet the Ginger of the Sharon, Lorena & Ginger trio. Actually one of my favorite people is named Ginger, (the boys' Grandma) so she's in good name company.

Back to School

First Day of School

Oh yeah, I bought some yarn. I sold way more stash than I expected (thanks guys!) so I treated myself to some yarntini from Sonny & Shear. Which is now my new favorite on-line yarnstore. She sends a hand-written note?!?!? And some "stash" tea which just made me giggle. Plus she carries beautiful stuff, especially indie dyers!

Pretty Packaging


Prettier Yarn


Ready for the close-up?


And while I was at Hanks I bought some Dream In Color Classy (swoon) for a Liesl cardigan. I am planning on a short-sleeve version. Hey, I live in Florida! Plus it's not really wintery colors.

Ooh, Classy in Giant Peach


Look at that twist baby!




All in all, it was an awesome weekend, and now I just have to get back to the grind. There are mountains of laundry that I've already started and the Monday cleaning is in full-force. As long as I don't collapse from sheer exhaustion, everything should be fine!