My Very First Yarn Picture

Ok, not my first one. But my first one that actually looks like something pretty. I took a decent pic of the summer tweed the other day, but that was in perfect mid-morning sun through the blinds conditions. This one was just hanging out in my very own kitchen. Today my boys were not showing their best selves. So I made something. I made something quickly and angrily and with a box cutter. Probably not the best plan. But hindsight is 20/20 and let's just all count our blessings that Mommy didn't end up in the emergency room. (Mommy would be me!)

I made a light box using the tutorial from Strobist.

And then in the kitchen, under fluorescent lights, I took this very true to color picture of yarn. True to color on my monitor that is, which is a first!


If you click to embiggen this picture, you can even see yarny details such as the twist and the slight halo of fuzz on the yarn. It's amazing. And I'm very proud. I think me and my light box are going to become very good friends!