I'm not so good at the joining. I sign up for Weight Watchers and then I find a recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookie that gets baked weekly for the next month. I sign up for a sock-y type thing and I never finish even the first sock. Knit-A-Longs? I laugh at them. Heartily. So I'm not sure why I joined NaBloPoMo - aka National Blog Posting Month. Maybe it's my sad way of admitting that I could never write even the faintest beginnings of a novel. I'd be the girl who try to write a romance novel and it would derail into the man turning into my personal cleaning/errand boy. What? I have a husband. I need someone to do the stuff he doesn't wanna do, like mop the kitchen. *sigh* Can you imagine how much knitting time I would have if I had my very own personal butler?

Digression. A good synonym for digression would be Lynn. Aka my middle name.

But anyhow, I'm gonna try to post. Lots. Everyday even. So we will start with the random factoid of the day.

Did you know that if you add up all the alpha numbers in Scooby Doo the sum is a prime number? Same with Jesus Christ, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Watson. That there is a random fact I learned today reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. A random fact that will never leave my brainspace. And will therefore take the place of more important information, like where my keys have run off to. Such is my life.

Welcome to November!