Naming Conventions

Patterns are so hard to name. Sometimes I come up with names that are inspired and awesome. So awesome in fact that umpteen million other designers have already used them. Somedays I think it would be better just to number them. Actually I do number them. But I don't think that PK0031 has any oomph to it.


I'm hoping that my photographer extraordinaire will be able to capture how pretty it is in person. It's this gorgeous silk/merino blend that kind of glows. (Note to self: Must learn how to use new camera!)

These however were easy to name. And they have already been tested and partially edited. So they will be coming out real soon.


Again I need the help of my photographer. Due to my need for cozy slippers, these will be the Mother Necessity Slippers. Everyone who has tested them so far says they are fast and fun. I'm finishing up some in kid and man sizes so they will be good for the entire family!

I think I need to start up a new notebook. Instead of design sketches and notes, it will be a name book. All kinds of names for all sorts of patterns. I'm starting to get desperate!