New-itis - I gots it.

When I used to work at the newspaper, there was a certain group of folks who had new-itis. They were not interested in dealing with old projects, they just wanted the new. I never understood it. And it frustrated the heck out of me sometimes. I understand now. I have a bad case of new-itis. I'm working on some secret stuff for publication, which is all well and good, but I'm stealing secret moments (like movie theater knitting) for some new stuff. Like this.


Claudia Handpainted Fingering is so squishy, so lovely. But two skeins isn't really enough to make a good sized shawl or even a shawlette with any depth. So let's add a third. And let's make it stripey!


I'm loving the way the copper penny and chocolate colors are working together. In some places the copper is darker so it nearly blends into the chocolate. The working title is Penny Candy. It may change. It frequently does...

In other news I don't know if I mentioned I'm going to Stitches South here in Atlanta. Well I am! I won't be up until Friday morning, but I'm staying on site and will be attending the party on Friday night! So if you're there, find me and say hey!