Ode to my knitting


We spent some time with the boy scouts this weekend, doing the Cuboree thing. There was archery, and tower climbing, and hayrides, and... chants. Lots and lots and lots of chants. There is an ongoing spirit contest during the weekend and some of these adults have too much time on their hands. So in the spirit of Cuboree, here is my ode to knitting. Repeat after me:

I knit some stitches everyday

It helps to keep the grumps away

I have great friends who are here to stay

By knitting I was shown the way

Pathetic yes? The scary part is when I was younger I fancied myself a poet. I thought I would write poetry, and live alone in a house on top of a hill. So tragic and forlorn.

Anyhow, the Cuboree this weekend had a "Down On The Farm" theme which netted me an ill-fitting t-shirt - I so need to work on modding tees. But an extra benefit was that I got to meet and pet this little fellow. He was so soft! And I gave the boys a 2 minute education on what we do with wool. They actually listened - color me surprised!