On the second day there was panic

So I tried to finish the Christmas shopping yesterday. It did not go well. I even went to the mall. Honestly I think the last time I went to the mall was like in June. I never go to the mall. But it wasn't really that bad. We had a specific goal and we found it quickly. Today the man is home so we are getting ready to go out and finish buying all the things. But I'm feeling a little blue this Christmas. I was supposed to go home for the holidays but with the new house that just wasn't in the cards. And I think this last minute louie shopping is cutting into my holiday spirit as well. So for today's special half off of a few blue things with the code "blue":

Auber - the sixth of the Seven Songs in Ever After Yarns


Esquiline - in ocean blues and greens in KnitWitch Yarns


The Frosted Goblet Shawl - 'cause Lord knows we ain't getting any snow in Florida. I think it was 80 yesterday!


Kyveli - in gorgeous inky MadTosh


And finally Sixpence - something blue for a sweet bride in Little Traveler from the Sanguine Gryphon.

@Art & Alex Photography