Photo Friday - Super Hero Edition

I might have mentioned that I'm trying to learn photography. Trying being the operative word. I've learned a fair few things. Under certain conditions I can make my camera do what I want it to do. Outside in the shade? No problem. My kitchen counter with the indirect light from the French doors in the great room? It's a snap. Other things? Not so much. So I took an online class called "Shoot It" with famed knitwear photographer Caro Sheridan. And I really learned a ton about how to set up awesome photo shoots. I'm hoping to implement some of it for next photo shoot which will be out of this gorgeous yarn by the queen of all things variegated Dyeabolical.



I learned loads from the Shoot It class, but I still need to gain more technical knowledge. Tabetha Hedrick, an awesome designer I met at TNNA, strongly recommends Clickin' Moms. So I think that will be my next step. I'm going to review some of the information I'm compiled from the internet on the technical aspects, but I think I need that little extra push. See what I mean? I'm still having trouble focusing on the right place. But my birthday manicure looks awesome - gel nails are love!


In other love news I am absolutely gaga over Dyeabolical's Super Ego sportweight. It's just so squishy. And on size 8 needles it makes these perfect little fat stitches that just make me happy. And the new design specifically for variegated yarns is coming along just as my crazy inner eye envisioned.


I'm going to try from now on to make Fridays about photography.  Any hints on the best sources you've found for photography learning?