Pro-cras-ti-nation is making me wait!

I get a lot done in a day. In a week. A month. Any given span of time. But it seems like certain things on my to-do list always get pushed to the backburner.  A good manicure. A long hot bath. Blogging. Exercising with any regularity. Making dreaded phone calls. Putting together design submissions. I don't why I don't do these things. They have good benefits. It would be nice to not be biting my cuticles all the live long day. It would be nice to get back to running eventually. And the phone calls do accomplish things. And design submissions lead to contracts for work which leads to money.

And the blogging? Well the blogging is just kind of my mark on the world. I honestly wonder if folks just scroll through to look at the pictures. Hmmmm... maybe I should add a pretty picture.


Isn't she beautiful? She's the handiwork of one of the crafters that showed this weekend at the Winter Wonder Sale & Festival. Reflections Now is the name of the company, but sadly they don't have an online presence. I encouraged them to look into etsy though. His stuff is just gorgeous!

And now I think I will take that bath!