First off, Merry Christmas. We did the crazy present thing. I only got one knitting present - the 2006 pattern-a-day calendar. Lots of other neat stuff though.

Proof that my husband does NOT love me.

That would be the first nearly finished glove of a pair from Knitty's cigar pattern. Which he specifically requested. So I make him try them on, just to be sure. And he looks up at me with pleading eyes... "Can't you make a skull design on them?" *sigh*

Proof that my yeast is viable.

Even though my bread is not risen enough and my loaf is misshapen, my yeast is good. I tested it. See, it rose to the top of the cup. It's good.

Proof that my husband actually does love me.

A beautiful turquoise and silver beaded cross (one of a pair) that he got for my cross collection.