Reasons why

A couple of years ago, I knitted socks for boys. Which they grew out of before they wore more than a couple of times. I live in Florida, wooly socks are not a necessity, and boys grow fast. So I learned my lesson there. Also a few years ago, I knitted one glove of the Cigar pattern for the man. He tried it on. It fit. He looks at me and asks why can't it have skulls on it. (The was before I knew about duplicate stitch). I frogged it. I've considered knitting for him a few times, but that little incident was a nice painful reminder. But a few weeks ago I dyed some yarn just for him. I asked him what he wanted in a hat. All he said was "cables". And last night as I noted, inspiration struck. So here's what we got so far - this picture gives a good idea of the true color:


And this picture shows you one of my favorite things - ribbing that flows perfectly into a clean, crisp cable. Love it!


You might notice it's on two circular needles. I'm knitting it on only one of course, but I put it on two for the man to try it on. He's got a huge noggin and I didn't want to keep going if it doesn't fit. So he tried it on. It fits perfectly. And this is what he said...

"Aren't you gonna make it so there is a fold up brim?"