Regarding Unsupervised Husbands…

If you wonder what will happen if you leave your husband alone at home to participate in the Knitting Olympics...

Friday night I hit the LYS to cast on for my sitcom chic. It was good. When I got home the man was doing laundry. Seems like a considerate thing, no?


Just so you know, Big J is not mad because he has a brand new pair of fuzzy feet, that used to be his mama's before Big Daddy got ahold of them. No. He's mad because apparently I made him sit in a girl pose to take the picture.

On Saturday the man took the boys out to buy Valentine's presents -- supposedly for me. I went jeans shopping (yay for clearance) and then back to the LYS to work on my olympic project. I get a call. He's looking at aquariums and he starts rattling off sizes and prices. And I'm like, honey, it's your bonus, buy whatever you want.

Overnight it got all ph happy. And today we will pick up some of the hardier fish I guess.

You know the moral of the story.