Return of the Jaywalker!

Sounds kind of ominous, doesn't it?

Please ignore the misshappen rewound skein of sock garden. That's the best I could do until my beloved buys me a ballwinder. But I think they are actually working.

Things I'm doing differently... Since it was clear that the 76 stitch version would not fit over my heel on size 1 addis, I had a choice. Go up in needle size or go up in stitch count. I decided to do the 84 stitch version. But I hated the way the ribbing flared everytime I did them. So I did the ribbing on size 0 addis. I think I will also use the size 0 addis to tighten up the sole area.

Interesting note. Instead of pooling, the 84 stitch version in hydrangea is striping now. Looks pretty though.