A sad story

I knit my younger son a wonderful hat too. But you won't see it pictured here today. He wore it to his first Boy Scout campout this weekend. He's due to bridge up in the spring, and this was his first time camping with the big guys. He had a blast. And no, he didn't lose the hat. He very carefully tucked it into his coat pocket so he wouldn't lose it. But then (insert ominous music) my husband did the camping wash. He does the laundry all the time (God bless him!) but this time he missed the hat in the pocket. So now the hat is very tiny and firm and felted. So sad. So I'll have to knit the boy another one. The pattern is even tech edited and ready to go. Very sad indeed. So instead today's $2.50 pattern is one of my earliest designs - the Surrey Hat. This hat was inspired by a glimpse of a hat that Cameron Diaz wears while visiting Surrey in the film The Holiday. Today's coupon code: special


And today's video is a song that's on The Holiday soundtrack. The classic version by Wham! (Now that's a sentence that sounds odd, huh?)