Seven is a good number for me. Particularly this year. On the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of 2000, I will turn an age that is a multiple of seven. And actually, I'm not into numbers. No, really.

So when V tagged me for seven things... how could I say no?

1. My hair started going gray when I was 18. Nowadays if I let it go, it would easily be more than half gray. Of course in periods of high stress (like this move) I tend to let the roots go. It's always very sobering.

2. I have a not so secret affinity for all things Scooby. I actually have a good sized box of items packed up that is all Scooby stuff. Magnets, toys, stuffed animals, stickers... I even have a bumper sticker that says "What would Scooby Doo?"

3. I have a fundamental aversion to cleaning. It just seems there are so many better things to do. Of course I am regretting this aversion now, with six days til moving day and a bunch of people coming to my apartment, but oh well. Sleep is overrated.

4. I have a bunch of port wine stains on the bottom of my feet. When I was pregnant I was terrified that the babies would end up with them on their faces. I always feel self conscious about them when I get a pedicure.

5. I think I am addicted to diet pepsi. No really. I know the chemical cocktail is not good for me, but I've tried to quit (subbing in other caffeine) and I'm more afraid to quit than I am of drinking it.

6. Back when I was thin (before the boys) and pseudo-single, I had very long hair. I dressed up as Pocahontas for the Halloween street party and braided it. I got so much attention that I wore the same costume the next year. Best costume ever.

7. I was a National Merit Scholar and blew a full ride my first time at college by basically just not going to classes my 2nd year. Not my finest hour.

I am the anti-tag. But if you haven't done this one, you should. It was fun!