Seven Day Boom!

I thought for the seventh day we would go out with a bang! The Boobie Blitz has been a lot of fun. I've loved reading all of your comments! Unfortunately the blitz has not been quite as successful as I would have hoped. So I'm sending out this final plea for support for my 3-Day walk. Do you know what the two biggest risk factors are for breast cancer? Being a woman and getting older. Let that one sink in. If you are of the female persuasion (or love someone that is) then just by being a woman and not defying the laws of time the risk increases every single day.  So here's the linkage for the four ways you can help....

Donate * Buy Patterns (the 25% off sale ends today!)

Buy T-Shirts * Spread the word - but spread it fast because today is the last day!

I have some bad news on the brand new pattern front. I've been plugging along, working hard and yesterday I took a good hard look at it. Knitted lace always looks like a wrinkly lump until you block it, but it didn't look quite right. So last night I pulled out my stitch dictionary to see if I had charted a stitch wrong. I hadn't. I hadn't charted A stitch wrong. I had charted ALL of the stitches wrong. As in I charted the wrong pattern. So what I was shooting for does not resemble what I had going. At all. I had a pretty rough day yesterday and in a fit of despair I just started ripping. So it's do-over time. Which means it's gonna be a bit before the new pattern makes it out - although I'm hoping the relaxing weekend I have planned allows me to finish it up.

Tomorrow we will have winners - lots of winners! So make sure you comment on each entry to be entered to win the prize. And today's prize is a double-doozie. Today, you get two skeins of yarn and your choice of any two PicnicKnits patterns to go with 'em!


The yarn in the background is 435 yards of Blue Heron Sock Plus and the yarn in the foreground is 470 yards of Malabrigo Lace. Either one of which will make up something beautiful!

It's been a really, really bad week. So here's what I want today in the comments - make me laugh! Make me smile. Tell me a ridiculous joke. Give me a link to a funny video or picture. Tell me a funny story. Give me a cyber hug.  All I'm asking for is something nice in the comments, something happy. Give me the good stuff.