Simply Savannah

Even though I live about two hours away I've never been. So on Saturday we took a day trip (in the minivan natch!) and headed on up. It wasn't quite what I expected. I think because I had seen Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil I was picturing it much more like New Orleans was (at least in my head - never been there either!). So at first I was a bit disappointed. But even though Savannah is a tourist trap in every sense of the word, it had a lot of beauty to show. This is my favorite garden that I saw:


And this is my favorite picture from the day. I love the way I can see everything (including a trolley rolling by) in big J's sunglasses. For the full picture set - complete with lots of ooh, maybe there will be  a ghost on camera cemetery shots - go here.


While I was there I sought out the local yarn shop. It's situated on a beautiful block. And the shop itself did a very nice job of fitting in with the old-fashioned shabby chic mood of the city. It was the first shop I've been to that arranged yarn by color instead of by yarn type or fiber or weight. I had the guys with me, so I couldn't really spend the time I needed to find if they had enough of any one yarn to make a project. No offense to the shop, but I can totally see why folks don't prefer that method of organization. It's really beautiful, but kind of a pain in the arse. If you find a yarn you like you have to go to each and every color bin you might choose to see if they have enough of it. I think if you went there all the time you would get used to the system, but for a visitor it made it very difficult to spend the money I *really* wanted to!

So instead I went with my standard vacation yarn purchase - sock yarn. I've been working on getting better pictures of things and I'm progressing - I think. I'm getting more details and it's easier to get a true color on the first try - most times. But here is the lovely ArtYarns sock yarn and cutie patootie project bag I got: