Sleepy stripes.

Actually the stripes aren't sleepy, but I sure am sleepy while knitting them. Recovering from my trip has been a bit rougher than expected. I arrived back in Jacksonville, Florida at around 9:20 on Tuesday morning and basically slept until the next morning. And I'm still a bit groggy! Untitled

But the stripes are gorgeous. And the plan is in place for all sorts of happiness with the edging. I'm actually leaning towards something Estonian-ish with the coordinating skein of teal.


This super squishy yarn from Twisted Fiber Art is nothing short of amazing. So many folks at TNNA wanted to know what it was and squish it. This pattern will be available soon and you will not believe all the gorgeous yarn I brought home from TNNA! And even more gorgeous yarn is winging it's way to me - I can't wait! So many projects planned for this spring - I'm so excited!