Slowly but surely...

I'm working on these photographs. I can get some of them to take true, but not all of them. Not surprisingly I have the most trouble with reds and pinks - which are my absolute favorite colors to dye. I did seem to get good pictures of the cherry pie yarn in the bottom row, but that is not a semi-solid red - it's more variegated and I kind of think the flecks of other colors keep it from "flaring" out. I don't know.

Newer Yarn Pics

The man built me a very sturdy lightbox out of foamboard, so I just need to rig up the tissue paper for that and I will try it next. I feel like I'm getting really good at the dyeing, and I love the way my colors are coming out. But if I can't get good pictures of my dyeing it won't matter. No good pictures means no internet sales. Which means no more dyeing.