This week hasn't been easy. My recovery from the 3-Day hasn't been that bad physically. My blisters are going away and I actually did the Couch to 5K with my son tonight. So my feet and my body seem to be just fine. But my head? My head is just not attached - not in the right place at all. I feel like I've done a whole lotta nothing all week long. Now I would just attribute this to the 3-Day and get a good night's sleep tonight and that would be that.  But it seems my productivity goes in fits and spurts. You know I don't expect to be super productive person all the time, but I would like a bit of consistency.

I would also like to figure it all out. How to best fit everything I need to do into the day. There's the housework (hate it!), the cooking, the shopping, the mom-shuttle service, and then of course the designing and the knitting. The mom shuttle is kind of killing me. There are some days I end up making six roundtrips up to school. I think I need to turn the van into some sort of home away from home. If I could only justify some mobile internet for the vinnieman...

So yep, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Any tips for being supermom?