Sometimes it all just comes together. I had a good idea, and Petite Purls had an upcoming submission deadline. And just to make it sweeter, a photographer friend of mine has the cutest little girl ever.  It was meant to be. See how cute?


Wait. She gets cuter. Look at those adorable little toes!


And just in case you have not yet succumbed to the cuteness...


What? You say that's not cute. You don't have a heart. Well even if you are heartless and the word "awww" never passes over your lips... this one will get you.


If you don't think that's cute, you might be dead. Have someone check your pulse.

Want to hear the best part of the cuteness parade? The kid is not for sale, but the pattern is FREE! Yes, free! So head on over to Petite Purls and make a Sourpatch top for your own cutie!

And if you're local, and you need an amazing photographer you should check out Cayden Lane Photography. Lori Robinson is nothing short of fabulous!