Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Well supposedly spring is just around the corner. And in Florida, it should already be sprung. But the mornings are still freezing, and the days aren't quite what I'm used to. But the spring cleaning bug has bitten anyways. Yesterday I tackled the kitchen.


I didn't quite finish. For a very tiny house, we have a ton of cabinet and pantry space in the kitchen. I did all the cupboards. But I did not do the huge pantry in the back of the kitchen. That has become quite the catch-all. Mind you, I didn't actually clean yesterday. I just decluttered and threw out stuff. I filled an entire recycle bin with plastics that don't have lids! I figure I have to de-junk before I can do the actual deep cleaning.

To celebrate a chilly spring, I'm having a little contest. I'm giving away copies of my new Mother Necessity Slipper pattern. All you have to do is guess what these are, and send me an e-mail with your answer - my email address is my name: corrina at my domain name: picnicknits.com - and if you know why I have them you can earn an extra free pattern of your choosing. Please don't answer in the comments. It will spoil all the fun.


Pattern and design work is moving along, though never as quickly as I wish it would. I think I need minions. Or at least a staff of knitters. Oh and I *finally* got a picture of a taco ring before my family decimated it. The recipe for this yummy goodness is here.


Happy not quite spring!