Stay on target

There's a little too much death and despair in the world lately, so I'm trying to focus on the good. My boys are happy and wonderful and seem to be making the most of every day they have off this summer. Good. My dyeing experiments as of late have yielded some very nice results. Good. I have a new base yarn that has a super tight twist, and is on the thinner side of fingering (think Opal) but it takes color beautifully. Good. My dear friend Chris gifted me a printer/scanner/copier combo. Good. It prints out my patterns nice enough that I can skip going to Office Depot for hard copies. Very good. It allows me to scan in pictures from my youth. Good? I leave you with this, while not exactly good might make you giggle. Me, circa 1990-1991. First year of college. Next door neighbor's dorm room. Dated signs of the times everywhere - not the least of which is my hair. Which may or may not be responsible for a large percentage of the hole in the ozone layer. Hair like that doesn't stand up by itself. That's all I'm saying.


Oh and hey! Don't forget! The contest for the sock naming is over tomorrow. So scroll down, give a suggestion. The prizes may even get better 'cause I'm feeling generous like that!