Stupid QOTD…

Is it somehow "uncool" or tragically doofus-like to be A. knitting a clapotis and B. participating in secret pal?

I've actually seen buttons out there anti both things. And then there's this whole thing where folks are all like "well I don't like to knit anything that *everyone* is knitting." WTF? If everyone is knitting it, couldn't that be because it's a nice, fun project that looks pretty?

I'm in a mood. I'm PMS'ing and the man brought home pecan pie instead of chocolate. Someone needs to check him and make sure his brain didn't fall out on the jeep ride home.

I'm having one of those days where all of my internet interactions have been of the junior high variety. And I'm pretty sure most of the folks I'm dealing with are within 5 years either way of me. Sad and pathetic.