Sunday Dad-day

So I spent a few hard-working hours cleaning and reorganizing the office/yarn room. Found lots of yarn that I forgot I had. So now I have a nice long list of design ideas for said yarn. It also gave me some closure on some things. Sometimes it's very, very good to just be able to move on, guilt-free and do what you want. It's been a good father's day. This post was originally titled Sunday Dye-day, but the plans changed. We had a leisurely breakfast of bagels, leftover pizza for lunch, and the boys had headed over to the pool around 4:45 as I was gearing up to start dinner. I had dyed the first batch of the day and was looking forward to a peaceful evening at home.

When suddenly no more than two minutes after they left, they arrived right back home. Seems the pool decided to close early today. And boys who think they are going swimming were looking mighty disappointed - including the big man. So we moved to plan B - B for beach. I threw on my suit, some board shorts and a sundress overtop and we were off!

It was so danged hot today - I think it easily topped 100 *before* the heat index. But once we got to the beach, it was quite a bit cooler of course. We played and swimmed and had the best afternoon. The waves were super gentle and the water was pretty warm. Perfect.

After the beach we hit Cruisers for burgers (for the men), a nummy half-a-big salad for me, and some of their delicious fries with ranch dressing. Again with the perfect. No more dyeing got done today, but it was worth it. Speaking of dyeing, here's what I'm working on now in some of my hand-dyed yarn. It's the semi-precious silk/merino blend in amethyst, and the pattern is one of my own creation. The stitch pattern is a modification of something from the Walker books (naturally) and I'm really in love with it.


But whatever shall I call it? It needs a name, this lovely sock. And so we be having a contest. (We being me, myself, and I.) I need a name. Presumably you think the sock is pretty. You give me a name that I think is just perfect. I give you a free copy of this sock pattern (when it's finished) and any other two patterns in my catalog. The contest will be open until Friday. Oh and I'll help you out a little bit. I don't like names that have colors in them. Chances are most people who make this sock won't make it in the exact same yarn, so I like to give color-neutral names. Please give your suggestions/entries in the comments. Have at it!