Tangible Goods

I love the internet. The internet has been very, very, very good to me. Many years ago I met my amazing husband via the internet. And of course were it not for the internet I would not have met all sorts of wonderful friends. Not to mention this little knit designing business thing I got going on. When The Sock Report went live last spring I was extremely honored to be a part of it with my pattern Cassian. The online magazine format that they have set up is fabulous, with an easy to use interface and gorgeous photography.


But there's something to be said for having a tangible thing to hold in your hands. Something with crisp pages, and stunning pictures, and the fresh smell of being newly printed. And when you see your own name in there next to something beautiful that you are very proud of, it makes it even better.


So I feel lucky. And blessed. And it's your lucky day also because they sent me two hardcopies of The Sock Report. Which means that of course it's contest time! (Woo-hoo!) All you have to do is comment here on this post by Friday and answer me one little thing....

What is your favorite sock yarn?