The answer.

It's simple really. The reason I don't finish any projects is because I never stick with anything. Even now. I only have six projects that I'm actively involved in. (I frogged the July washcloth - something was off about it). But even with only six, I flit from project to project. From day to day, I never focus on the same thing. I could finish stuff I wasn't so willy nilly about the whole business.

I've decided to put the Maximize socks on hold. I will have another Magic Loop class in August and it will be good to have those to work on during class. Plus I can get them to same point the class is at for the 2nd class, which is the short row heel portion. So now we have five.

And I shall prioritize.

1. Silk & Mohair Scarf
2. Mystery Stole - try to keep up!
3. Lillian's Tank
4. Fuzzy Feet
5. Scotch Thistle Stole

Are you tiring of my lists yet? Be glad you're not on my livejournal friends list. When I was moving, everyday I posted annoying lists. Hopefully soon I will find the battery charger, (which my husband swears is in the garage!) and I will be able to post some nice FO pics.