The Mystery of B. Mitchell

UPDATE: I am closing comments on this post. I've approved a few more, but you would not believe the amount of spam I get about this picture. So let's review: I'm not selling mine. I don't want to buy yours. And I'm not a B. Mitchell painting broker. Sheesh. I have half a mind to make this post private. There is a mystery that has been haunting me for as long as I can remember. Something I don't understand, something that I have wondered about. Something I am reminded of every day when I see this picture hanging in my dining room:


When I was a child this picture hung in our house. As an adult my mom passed it on to me. It matches the dark wood on my dining room table. And honestly even though it's incredibly dated, no where feels like home without this picture. It's the first thing I hang. My husband likes to mock me for this.

But let's talk about the mystery. I *think* this is an old Home Interiors print. I don't even think they have Home Interiors anymore. It was a party thing - like Tupperware - except you bought home decoration items. We had quite a few of them in my house when I was growing up.

The picture has 12 panes. Twelve little mini pictures - all little slices of Americana done mostly in an Autumn theme. Lord how I miss Autumn. Florida doesn't do Autumn. We get summer and winter here. And winter is short. But I digress. As usual. I know, get on with it.

Each of the 12 panes has a signature in neat print - B. Mitchell. Each pane except one. The bottom right pane - the one with the grass and the broken down wagon does not seem to have a signature. I remember as a child staring at that pane forever trying to find it. It didn't make sense to me then and it doesn't now. Did they forget? Did B. Mitchell not paint that one? Was it some anonymous person? Are they trying to drive me insane?

I've told this story to my boys and every once in a while they will stop and look at it and try to find the signature. I've passed on the madness!!! Have you seen this painting? Did it hang in your mama's house? Is your 12th pane signed? Can you tell me where the signature is hidden? Or just tell me I will never find it so I can stop looking already.

EDITED TO ADD: I have no idea what the painting is worth. And I have no intention of selling it. I just wondered if anyone knew about the signature in the 12th pane. :/