The Mystery of Color

Why do some colors photograph well and even easy and some no matter what you do you can't capture the color? I'm sure there is a nifty scientific explanation, but it sure is vexing. I've gotten pretty good at gimp so I can easily make simple color adjustments, but sometimes the true color just evades me. I have a gorgeous skein of deep turquoise Semi Precious yarn, but I can't make the color right so I can't list it. And then we have these socks. Which are not icky gray brown, they are a rich, deep, chocolatey brown with hints of purple. But can I capture it? No. Not even with my lightbox or outdoor afternoon "golden hour" sun. So imagine chocolate when you look at these pictures...


On this photograph I can gimp it up so that the green is true and lush, but the socks still look greyish brown. I don't get it!


And this one is for Sugarbee. Who yells at me for knitting my own patterns in the small sizes to save time, when I really should have a very nice wardrobe of socks. I made this one my size, and I actually plan to knit the second one. I love these socks that much.


And the good news for you, gentle reader? I'm working on the pattern for these Broken Chocolate Bar Socks and they are gonna be a freebie! So watch this space.