The Secret Life of Boys

We live in a little house. I *love* my little house. Little house means less to clean, less to air condition, you know what I mean. But sometimes I wonder how much longer we will be able to keep the boys in one room. Disclaimer: I am not a neat person. But this is redonkulous.


This is what the boys' room looked this morning after they left for school. Besides visual proof of how messy my boys are, this is also proof of how redneck we are. Exhibit A: Rest-stop blankets hanging over the windows. The neighbor has the brightest halogen lamp in the known universe and it shines right into the boys' bedroom. We're looking for the right curtains or room-darkening shades, but until then, blankets. Exhibit B: Little dude's mattress on the floor. The man wants to build lofts, but for right now dude is on the floor. He used to have a futon on the bottom bunk, but futon springs do not respond well to monkey children. Who knew?


This is the pile of karate equipment and gym bags that ate Tokyo. Surprisingly enough I found room in the closet for them.


Because every boy needs Wolverine claws made out of duct tape. Seriously? These of course are outside toys, so to the garage they went. Along with about 75 lightsabers.


This is the after. I purged the art chest, so that you can actually extract art supplies from it and not just crumpled up wads of paper. I vacuumed. I made beds. (Yes it is still on the floor). As soon as the bed is up off the floor those bins of socks and unders will go under it. I hung posters - crooked of course. I found all the necessary shoes and found a place for everything.

I pick them up at 2:45. Wanna take bets on how long it will stay nice?