The UFO’s are invading…

I swear, I had really good intentions for there to be pictures today. But life intervened! And life is more important than good lighting or getting my nails done. And my nails are a big fat mess.

So I joined UFO Resurrection. And we all know I have a lot of them. And so many things I'm dying to knit. Note to designers - stop. Stop for five minutes so I can catch up without having to be distracted by all the pretties. Everytime I turn around, there is a new pretty demanding my attention.

So my UFO that I've been working on in January is... the Sandy Cardigan. And it will be the 1st finished object of February. Really. It's so freaking cold here right now. Well cold is relative. And yes, this born and bred buckeye is freezing her patooter off in 42 degree weather. I'm such a wuss. So I need to finish this puppy up. It's lovely, it's warm, it's the envy of all my knitting friends.

Saturday night is midnight knitting, so I will take it and work on it. Like crazy woah work on it. Really. I will. I'll try. Really.

In other news if you can spare a prayer or a thought... some friends of ours just had a baby girl. Quite prematurely. She's only 1 pound 2 ounces? Is that even possible? I'm hoping that was a typo in the e-mail I received. I remember how tiny the boys seemed when they were born. And they were 9-1 and 8-8. I can't even imagine a baby that tiny. At dinner strongman remarked that the carton of sour cream weighed a pound. So unbelievable.