There are two kinds of people…

People who use the snooze button and people that know that the snooze button is just a sorry-ass excuse to rob yourself of precious sleep.

Sorry. I'm a grumbly woman this morning. My husband now has to be at work at 8:30. So he needs to get up at 7:30 and be out the door by 8. Ok, that's wonderful. A half hour is a perfect amount of time for me to brew coffee, fix his morning egg sammich, pack his lunch, etc. I'm a housewife. That's part of the job description.

Having the alarm start at 6:30 and ring every 9 minutes until 7:30 is not part of my job description. I don't wanna play smack the alarm clock. I want to sleep blissfully until 7:30. There is no reason (especially on Thursday) for me to get up before 7:30. I can promise you that he will not actually get out of bed until 7:30. Trust me. So why do we play this game? Does it help him wake up? I don't understand it. I'd rather really sleep until the last minute.

Audio books are the bomb. Sorry. I'm a 33 year old white woman. I know better than to say "the bomb". But last night I finished an entire Mariposa strap (aka the intarsia strap from hell) while listening to HP1 on audiotape. It was very nice and peaceful. It makes me wanna really turn my office futon into my knitting nook. This could be a very nice solution.