These childish things

I hope the boys never outgrow delight. That they always find fun in the little things. That they never need the bigger, better, faster, more sort of thing. Ok, that sounds really corny - considering that it is inspired by a trip to Universal. But the boys really do seem to like the silliest things best. Yes, they are impressed by the flashy and the crazy. But the most fun they had the whole trip was either the One Fish Two Fish ride in Seussland or the Accelatron in the Marvel area - which is basically a teacup ride in X-Men style.


One Fish Two Fish is a simple ride. You ride around in flying fishes. They go up and down. A silly Seussical song is played. And then the fishes squirt water at you. And the boys smiled and laughed and giggled like nobody's business. They are getting older you know. They will be eleven and twelve at summer's end. But it makes me so happy that they still can have fun with something like this. It's not beneath them.

I hope it never is.