This is Halloween, everybody make a scene!


We like the holidays around here. We're especially fond of Halloween and Christmas.  Throw in the fact that we have a Halloween party, and you can see how we might get carried away. It's been a busy, crazy month and we are sorely behind on our preparations. But this is what we have so far...

The Fishtank


The Top of the TV


The Front Porch


Gus the Ghost (who flies & moans!)


The Back Porch (yes every door gets a wrapper!)


We're only about half done. But most of the rest of it is stuff that will be inside the garage for the party. Or things that will be in the backyard. At night the front porch looks really nice, as the spiderwebs and the tombstones light up. The ghost however scares the crap out of me when I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye when looking out the kitchen window. We're still working on the scarecrow, but here's some work in progress pictures of him:






As you can see he still needs some work. Hey if you're local and free on Halloween, get in touch with me. There will be a fair bit of kids there, but also a fair bit of knitters. Should be a fun night!