This pie is made of fail.

Being really tired is kind of like being really drunk. Your judgment is impaired. You think you can do things you really can't do. Like bake the last pumpkin pie in the middle of the night. And you might tidy up the kitchen and think that you will hear the timer when it goes off. And that you will be able to pull the perfectly baked pie out of the oven and fall right back asleep. After of course you are all responsible and you turn the oven off. You would be wrong.

And then you wake up to your husband's 5:30 AM alarm (he's on call this week) and smell something. Fortunately it really just smells like slightly overbaked pie and not the flames of death and doom licking at your toes. As you sprint to the kitchen you start doing the math. Pie should have cooked the last stretch for about 60 minutes. It's now been 300 minutes. This is bad, very bad.


In the good news department I did get everything but the lemon bars done last night. And I still have three good pies. Even the buckeyes got dipped.

Even if you're not American, if you're reading this blog you've got something to be thankful for. (No, not this blog silly, you're living higher than most of the world). I was thinking last night about what I was most thankful for.

My Family - everything in my life is better because of my husband and my amazing boys. I'm blessed by them everyday.

And Knitting - stay with me here. If it weren't for knitting I would not have met all of the amazing people that I've become so close to - online and in the real world. It has changed my life, and for the good.

Happy Thanksgiving!