Thursday Thirty

All of the sudden tons of people I know seem to be turning 30. Having recently turned 40, 30 seems, well ages ago. Ten years. What has changed in ten years? 4817_100948042126_3393492_n

See those adorable little monsters? Well the blonde one is now just shy of 6 feet tall. Which is taller than me! And my dark haired baby is 5'5" - taller than all the grandmas and creeping up on me fast. My baby will be a teenager in 8 days. It all just goes way too fast!

For me personally, I'm not quite as cute as I used to be, but I'm infinitely happier. I have my own little business that I work from home, I get to volunteer and be overly involved in my boys' lives. And I have a husband that adores me and does stuff like build me a humongous desk in the middle of the night - pics of that later!

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