Tired now.

I got to sleep in a bit this morning. Until 7:20. Kind of cool. But my day did not go as I had planned it - mostly because I didn't buckle down and start baking right after class. So now it's 11:09 PM and I still have pies in the oven. And I still need to bake one more pie and a batch of lemon bars. I also need to dip the buckeyes - thank goodness the time consuming rolling is done. One pie, and two batches of cheesy broccoli rice casserole are done at least. So tomorrow I will get up early-ish and knock the rest of this out. It won't really take that long. I remember being a kid and my mom used to do all of it - every last thing by herself. And there was tons of stuff on the table. I have no idea how she did it. She must have been Wonder Woman in disguise after all.