TNNA Countdown - 7

Today I went dress shopping. Came home with 3 outfits and tried them on for my husband. The one I loved is the one he hated. But I did an internet poll of my online girlfriends and they all said it was the best. So there! I'm not big on posting full body pics of myself but I did find some pretty things! dresses

I've actually started designing more shawls that are a bit more generous - which is nice to wrap up with if you're less than petite! I was super pleased with how Sardinian turned out - the shape makes it lie perfectly on your shoulders and it's a nice generous coverup. Doesn't make you feel like you're wearing doll clothes!


Today to add on to the sale I've got some of my more generous sized shawls half off! Use the code "TNNA-seven" for 50% off Sardinian, Natessa, Callais (work the large on that one), Bryndis, and Natessa!