Today’s secret word… exercise. I dragged my lumpy butt out of bed this morning at 6am, fell asleep twice on the toilet, fell asleep once while tying my shoes, but then I did it. I went for a walk and sweated a lot. The first few minutes of the walk were uneventful as I went over diet and exercise plans in my head. But then I picked up a dog. Well, not literally. But a dog started to follow me. He looks like some sort of siberian/german shepherd mix. Trust me, I would not want that fur in this heat. He had a collar and I think a tag. But having been attacked by a similiar dog when I was about five, I was not gonna put my hand near his mouth to check his neckwear.

Actually he didn't really bother me. Just padded along a few sidewalk blocks behind me. But then I had to cross back across the very busy four lane road. And I didn't want the dog to get squished. So it took a very long time to cross the street. And now I'm sitting here trying to get rehydrated and feeling rather badly that I didn't check the collar. Ugh.

In knitting news I thought I was gonna finish the one skein wonder last night while watching "A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" for the umpteenth time. Why would I watch such a bad movie umpteen times? Cause it was me and the man's first date movie and he sometimes gets all nostalgic-like. Anyhow, the back was the right size, but the sleeves turned out to be way, way, too small. I guess I will have to do some creative increasing to figure this out.