Tomorrow's the big day...

Are you ready? I just got home from the grocery store where I got all the fixings for a roast beef dinner and some last minute candy for stocking stuffers. I forgot one thing. But my husband is quite insane and he actually *likes* to shop on Christmas Eve. So I'll get him to pick it up for me when he wakes up in a moment. Need a last minute present for a knitter? Ravelry has an awesome gift option where you can send a pattern to another Ravelry member! Of course I highly recommend gifting my patterns... but today is Christmas Eve, so I have a gift for you.

Use the coupon code "thanks" to get any single PicnicKnits pattern for free! Or, alternately you can use the code and get $6 off of Sideways Shawlettes, Seven Songs, or Blue Brim Hats.

I'll leave you with my very favorite Muppet Christmas song - with apologies that I think I share this one every year. But the sentiment is worthwhile. I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a blessed and joyous New Year, and I hope that you are well and happy wherever you are and whatever you do.