The first unbelievable thing. I had to turn on the heat. It's actually only 46 outside. It will probably heat up to the mid 60's today. But that's danged cold for here. The crazy people will be breaking out the parkas. Last year I only turned on the heat maybe 5 times. We live in a third floor apartment and heat rises, you know?

The second unbelievable thing. I went into school this morning to deliver 27 pounds of Holiday party supplies for my 1st grader. Then I checked in at my kindergartner's class. What does she need help with for the party.... You won't believe this. The party is Thursday. She's gonna write a few phone numbers in my son's planner so I can make calls and figure out the party. She's done nothing! The other teachers have been planning their party since 1972. This totally peeves me off. But if I blow it off, my son's class gets no party. You know?

I did some quick net research and found some good party ideas. But it just jacks up my week. There's no way I will finish a shawl for the holiday shindig at this rate.

The third unbelievable thing. If you lose thirty pounds, last year's party dress will be too big. Ok, maybe that's not unbelievable. But it is annoying. Especially when you have neither the time nor the money to buy a new party dress. Watch this space for my amazing duct tape seamstress skills. Just kidding. Well sort of....