Wavy darts...

Ever since we moved to Florida my hair has been changing. It used to be stick straight, but it's been slowly transforming to what can only be described as wavy hair. I used to be able to smooth it out pretty easily, but it's starting to get harder and harder to do. So I thought I would try something entirely different.

hair 080409

I am embracing my wavy gravy hair. I'm using some of the curly girl methods - washing with conditioner instead of shampoo, and doing this really crazy method of drying it wrapped up in an old t-shirt. So far, so interesting. Basically what I'm looking for is having "done" hair without having to mangle it with the blowdryer and a curling iron all of the time.

In other news, the boys have captured a new pet. Meet Dart. So named because apparently he is quick. Dart eats crickets. I am squicked out by this, but I am trying to be a good mom of boys.


And finally, after the worst experiences ever (in person and on the phone) with a local pediatric dentist we are finally getting things fixed for the little dude. Seriously, I have never come across such unprofessional treatment in my life. Just awful. But the little dude likes our regular dentist and they were able to work out an alternate treatment plan for him. God bless our regular dentist and a pox on the lying twits who work at the pediatric office. Harumph.