Welcome to the block party!

"Of doom" is such a useful phrase. The jaywalkers of doom. The sleeves of doom. The dirty toilet of doom.

Maybe you're not familiar with the dirty toilet of doom. Here's how you learn firsthand. Have two boys 13 months apart. Then when they are potty-trained they will start creating the toilet of doom. No matter whatcha do, perfect aim will never be achieved. Cheerio targets? Nope. Candy incentives? Nope. The aim will always be bad.

And then you, the mom, will have to don your lady playtex yellow gloves and clean up all the misses. Do you ever wonder why playtex makes yellow gloves and feminine hygiene products? I mean honestly, how are the two connected?

And just fyi, my 37 year old husband recreates the toilet of doom in our bathroom. So you don't have to pop out the kids. Just move in with a man.

Pardon the wide angle picture... But I had to show proof that there were two of them!

I need to do some smoothing and pinning while they are still wet. Yes, I realize it's very late at night. But I have Carolan's and no-bake cookies and diet pepsi. So hang around for awhile, won't ya?

I am very, very excited that I finally finished the sleeves of doom. Next comes the zipper of doom. Do you hear the ominous background music? Well if you do, you've had more Carolan's than I have.