We're talking body talk - WIP Wednesday

I'm hoping that the concept of a WIP Wednesday might keep me honest and keep me working on one thing for awhile. Which we all know is the way you actually finish things. I don't have a regular knitting group anymore, so no one asks me about the forlorn wips sitting at the bottom of my basket that never see the light of day again.


So today's wip is the February Lady Sweater - aka the FLS. As you might know if you are a regular reader (bwahahahaha - that was funny - regular reader - snort!) - wait where was I? As you might know, mine is made of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Cranberry. Last night I finally separated the sleeves and now it's body talk time!


Everyone swears that once you get to the lace it goes like whoa. I'm hoping that's true. It would be nice to finish something. So just for posterity's sake, here's where we are on Wednesday, October 1st, 2008. Yoke done, including first lace repeat. Sleeves separated. Body in progress. Ok, I get it. You're bored. Just look at the pretty yarn.


Oh and the earworm of the day... Body Talk by the Deele. Takes you back to the roller rink, doesn't it?