Whirring Brain

It's been a busy weekend. Friday included a get-together with some of the man's old high school friends, which was quite fun, and kept us up until the wee small hours of the morning. The boys - who had come along - were quite excited to see 1 AM. Saturday I taught a beginner's class at A Stitch In Time - where I now work on Wednesdays - come see me! All of the students were super fun, and I seemed to blessed lately with folks who just get it. Everyone was doing fabulous when they walked out. After that I spent a very long time with my behind planted on one of Sugarbee's couches, just knitting and hanging out with my good knitting friends - until 2am! I think I'm too old for these late nights though, because I am seriously considering an afternoon nap - when I really need to be hitting the grocery store.

In other news, my boys are getting insanely excited about the trip up north to the cabin and I've been trying out some new dyeing bases and some old favorites. I leave you with a small batch of results: