Who loves ya baby?

I've been doing some blog tinkering. I have this amazing new logo, and I need to figure out some banners and avatars for here and for my etsy store. But for some reason, it's not coming so easily to me. Which is frustrating the bejeebers out of me! I honestly want to stomp my feet and holler a bit about it all. Speaking of hollering, the Liesl sweater is pretty much done except for the final bind-off. The holler-about-it part is that I ran out of yarn. I did well at using every last yard of yarn. So well that I ran out before I could bind off. So now I need to tink a row or two and then bind off again. It is cute though.

So the other day, I looked in the mirror, with my hair in its standard messy updo and this is what I saw.


Talk about hollering. To be fair my friends and I had a discussion about a week ago that we needed to have a hair dyeing party. But not one of them said, "Hey, Corrina, even if we don't do this together, you NEED to dye your hair. Immediately. Like yesterday even." Nope, no one told me. Not even my husband. The man who will tell me that my favorite Oscar the Grouch t-shirt is now for wearing around the house ONLY.

So I have concluded that no one loves me. Fortunately, the mirror is honest and I remedied this situation Friday night while the lemon bars were cooling.


Much better, yes? Now if I could just fix my danged blog, all would be good.