It's been a busy week. Lots of blogging, lots of designing, and I totally reorganized my entire office. I *finally* got a desk - for years I've been working off of various pseudo desks. The most recent one was a kitchen table we bought and didn't like. But now I have a real desk. A double desk even - with drawers and filing cabinets and I'll show you pictures tomorrow! But today we have a winner! By random drawing (the handy dandy widget "And The Winner Is") the winner of the hardcopy of The Sock Report is...

I'll be contacting you via e-mail to get your mailing details - congratulations!

Oh and if you still want to get in on the 30% off sale it's still a-going. It will cut off tomorrow at midnight EST. I was gonna stop it this morning, but for some reason everytime I have a limited time offer it gets picked up in one of those newsletter thingies. So I wanna give folks a chance to use the code "thirty" for 30% any PicnicKnits patterns or e-books! And thanks to those who have bought so far!