Wow. I post a lot. No really, a whole lot.

So the other day I was behind this lady who had her own cleaning business. And she had spelled "a lot" as one word on her car magnet. There was some other typo as well. And well, this is a blog, so grammar be damned, but on your business stuff? Be a little more careful.

The cable project is resting nicely on my office futon, and I plan to pick it back up tomorrow. Right now I am feverishly working on a one skein wonder out of leftover vanilla cotton-ease. I frogged the mini-sweater, although I'm still not exactly sure why.

Strange list of knitting things I need to do:

1. Make the final Mariposa strap, weave in ends, and block.

2. Shorten the chickami straps.

3. Figure out what to make with certain stash yarns.

I ordered a pattern from White Lies Designs. I assumed that it would be electronically transferred. Um, nope. They want extra so that they can mail it to me. Um, ok. So they will print it for me, and then mail it? I don't quite understand. First off, the cost of the printing and the postage is inflated. Plus the fact that this pattern is nearly twice as much as other comparable patterns. Plus the fact that the yarn requirements are not available on the webpage. Plus the fact that when I e-mailed inquiring about the yarn requirements, no one answered me. Plus the fact that they said my order would process in "24 hours" and it took almost two whole days before I got the link to paypal for it so that they could charge me extra for shipping it????? I guess I kind of get it. If they mail me a pattern, it would be more difficult for me to illegally redistribute it, I guess? I'm not sure what the reasoning is. But the long delays and the no response? That's just bad business. So I'm thinking I'm not gonna buy it. I have to follow the link and fill out my paypal stuff, blah, blah, blah. And um, yeah. Plus part of the appeal of ordering a pattern online is the whole instant gratification aspect.

Wow. That paragraph had a lot of pluses. But I'm still confused and quite disappointed about the whole mess. So maybe Milinda is not meant for me.