You gotta stop believing me…

Have you not figured out by now that I am a habitual liar? I'm going to frog, I won't cast on.... yada, yada, yada.

In that spirit, I present, #19:

It's actually starting to look like something. I have do 12 total repeats of this 36-row pattern for both sides of the shawl. I have um, one complete repeat and 20 rows. Slow going. I haven't been working on it faithfully because I'm still cheating with hopeful and the occasional bout of screaming and cursing with size 1 dpn's and the hydrangea yarn....

But anyhow, isn't she lovely? It's just so ethereal looking. And during car line today I tested it and it does fit through my wedding ring. Snugly, but still.

On the Hopeful front... I have both fronts done and I'm working on the back. After that it's just the sleeves and the neck tie treatment thingie. It's a little too snug right now. But that's ok. I've been dropping weight like gangbusters. And a short sleeve sweater around here will quite possibly work all winter long.

I still don't know what to make for my winter coat. I ransacked my paypal account today buying clothes for the man. He's ahem, a big and tall man. And his clothes are so freaking expensive at the store. And I found three pairs of pants (nwt) at prices I just couldn't pass up. Oh well. Life goes on.